Pool closing, Sept. 25 10am-12pm

Pool closing will be Sunday, September 25th, 10am-12pm. [This date has changed.] If you checked to help with pool closing, we will send you an email with details. The more help we have, the quicker we can be done. The palm trees won’t last the winter outside, but would make wonderful house plants. Take one!

Closing Day, 2021

Pool closing is Sunday, September 19th, 9-11am. So be sure to enjoy the last day of swimming on the Saturday before. The pavilion needs to be sealed, so the furniture will be put away a week after pool closing so that this can be completed. If you volunteered for pool closing, expect an email with tasks and other details.

Timbercrest Pool closing October 4

The pool will close Sunday, October 4.

If you checked to volunteer with pool closing, we will send you a separate email reminder. Even if you did not check to volunteer, you are welcome to come! The work to close the pool will be 2-4PM.

Tasks will include:

  1. Covering the pool
  2. Winterizing bathrooms
  3. Cleaning out office
  4. Storing furniture, grills, and equipment