Timbercrest Pool closing October 4

The pool will close Sunday, October 4.

If you checked to volunteer with pool closing, we will send you a separate email reminder. Even if you did not check to volunteer, you are welcome to come! The work to close the pool will be 2-4PM.

Tasks will include:

  1. Covering the pool
  2. Winterizing bathrooms
  3. Cleaning out office
  4. Storing furniture, grills, and equipment


We also have a list of tasks we need to do during the off season. Let us know if you would like to assist with any of the following:

  1. Small engine repair for our push mower
  2. Install metal door on pump house
  3. Repair pool basketball goal
  4. Address drainage issues at road and drive
  5. Update website style


Saturday October 3rd might be chilly, but it would be a great night to enjoy the pool and firepit one last time in 2020.