Timbercrest Pool Spring 2023 Newsletter

Registration now open

Registration for the Timbercrest Pool 2023 season is now open. Registration forms are available:

  1. online at: https://timbercrestrecreationclub.square.site/registration
  2. as a PDF download: https://timbercrestneighborhood.org/sites/default/files/TRC%20Membership%20Registration%20Form%202023.pdf
  3. as a hard copy on-demand 

A registration form and payment are needed for all memberships. Please only register if you are a Timbercrest resident or a previous non-resident member.

Non-resident member cap

Non-resident memberships are limited to previous members until May 1, 2023. After that, available spots will be opened to new non-residents. The maximum number of non-residents memberships will be limited to 50 memberships for the 2023 season. The purpose of the cap on non-resident members is to prevent overcrowding and maintain the safety and enjoyment of all members. If you are a non-resident and you will not join the pool in 2023, please let us know so we can better plan.

All Timbercrest residents are welcome to register at any time.


Membership fees have increased for the first time in many years. This increase is due to the increased cost of chemicals and water. For 2023, membership fees are:

  • $285 for Timbercrest families
  • $325 for non-resident families
  • $155 for Timbercrest singles and grandparents
  • $190 for non-resident singles and grandparents

A family is defined as one or two adults and their dependents who are under the age of 19 or are full time students (with valid ID). All family members must reside at the same address or be a person for whom the member(s) claims a tax deduction. Adults over the age of 25 living in the same household will be an additional $100.00 each. See the TRC policies for more details: https://timbercrestneighborhood.org/pool/policies 

Party fees

This year, party usage fees are due at the time of party reservation. This fee is refundable in the case of party cancellation. Swimmer fees can be paid at the time of the party. The fee amounts stay the same.


Policies, By-Laws, meeting notes, forms, and discussion are available on the Recreation Club forum (login required): https://timbercrestneighborhood.org/forums/recreation-club 

Opening Day

Opening day will be announced closer to pool opening.

The Search for a Park Ranger

TRC is looking for a Park Ranger for 2023. The responsibilities of the Park Coordinator are:

  1. Monitor the park for needed maintenance
  2. Recommend ideas for improvements
  3. Help coordinate volunteer work at the park. 

If you are interested, please contact us.


Thank you for all the hours you have put into this pool and park. It is a great place to be because of the volunteers that sustain it from year to year. You will be asked about which areas you will volunteer for in 2023 in your registration.

Donating to Timbercrest Pool

As our pool continues to age, we are faced with various maintenance and beautification projects which are required to ensure that our pool continues to be safe and enjoyable. These projects are a significant expense. Consider becoming a sponsor member. To learn more, visit: https://timbercrestneighborhood.org/donating

By donating to the Timbercrest Pool, you enrich the community, increase our property value, help the volunteers, and beautify the neighborhood. This fall, a shed for chemical storage will be installed. Several umbrellas will need to be replaced before next season. More chaise lounges are needed for next season. The board plans on ordering several new vinyl chairs in the off season.

Food City gift cards

Even in the off season, guest passes can be earned by purchasing $100 worth of Food City gift cards from Greg Locke (865-684-3699). Gift cards are available in $25, $50, or $100 denominations. The pool earns $5 from each $100 worth of gift cards, which adds up quickly.


Timbercrest Flags are available for purchase. All proceeds and donations go to the pool. For information about the flag, see the website: https://timbercrestneighborhood.org/flag


Most members chose to keep their keys over the off-season. If you know that you will not join in 2023, contact us to return your key. The board will reach out to non-returning members next season to obtain unused keys. If you need a key, let us know when you register. Replacement keys are $5.


The pool board would like to know your opinion about the pool. One way to tell us what you think is to fill out the 2023 Timbercrest Pool Survey: https://forms.gle/2q7LACcMErd8QtVs5

Everyone is welcome to fill out the survey. We learn a lot, even from those who choose not to join the pool. Contact us for a paper survey.