Timbercrest Pool Newsletter, June 2024

It's the time of year to remind everyone of rules, regulations, and etiquette.

Clean up after yourselves

Pick up after your group, especially food and crumbs, to keep the pool area clean and safe. Members are responsible for their guests. This is your pool. Treat it like your home.

Take a toy? Absolutely enjoy the heck out of it, but then bring it back. All the folks who take care of the pool and do nightly pool cleaning are volunteers. Don't leave it for them to clean up.

Posted rules

Timbercrest Pool Spring 2024 Newsletter

May, 2024

Opening day will be May 24th, 2024

The pool is the perfect place to meet and get to know your neighbors. We have a great community here in Timbercrest. Come down to the pool and wade into our community. For information visit: 

Off-season work at the pool

Keep swimming! Timbercrest Pool Newsletter, August, 2023

Timbercrest Pool Newsletter, August, 2023

Keep swimming!

Keep Swimming

Now that school has started (The pool thinks school should start after Labor Day), our number of swimmers per day has gone down. A side effect is that the pool gets less circulation from legs kicking. When there is less circulation, algae and other problems can take hold. We are dealing with cloudiness this week because of this. The maintenance crew is all volunteer, so we can’t keep the pool open late if these problems become overwhelming.