Keep swimming! Timbercrest Pool Newsletter, August, 2023

Timbercrest Pool Newsletter, August, 2023

Keep swimming!

Keep Swimming

Now that school has started (The pool thinks school should start after Labor Day), our number of swimmers per day has gone down. A side effect is that the pool gets less circulation from legs kicking. When there is less circulation, algae and other problems can take hold. We are dealing with cloudiness this week because of this. The maintenance crew is all volunteer, so we can’t keep the pool open late if these problems become overwhelming.

Timbercrest Pool Newsletter, June, 2023

It’s the time of year where the pool board reminds everyone of the rules, policies, and procedures of the pool.

Gate lock

We will be replacing the locking mechanism on the gate with an egress bar. We will keep you informed as we complete that process.

Bring your key every time you come to the pool. Don’t rely on someone else being there to let you in or out. Don’t swim alone.

Contact information

Timbercrest Pool Newsletter, April 2023

Work days

Please help get the pool ready for the coming pool season.

  • Saturday, April 29, 9-11 am - Park clean up, mulch spreading, weed spraying and trimming, trimming the cannas
  • Saturday, May 6, 9-11 am - Roofing, furniture cleaning, pressure washing

This park cleanup is scheduled earlier than usual since we will need to shift focus to pool tasks in May. In addition to the park tasks listed above, volunteers can also assist with the cleaning of pool furniture.