Timbercrest Pool Newsletter, July 2022

Just past the halfway point of the season is a good time to review some pool policies. Read on for a summary of some of our policies. Detailed policies and by-laws can be found in the Timbercrest website forums (account required): https://timbercrestneighborhood.org/forums/recreation-club 

Adult supervision 

Kids must be 14 to swim without adult supervision. Teens 14-17 are not allowed to supervise younger kids without an adult present. In other words, all kids in a group must be 14 or older if no adults are with the group. The ratio needed for adult supervision is up to four kids per one adult.

Sign in and guests

Be sure to sign in as you arrive at the pool. The sign in sheet provides a way for us to know who is at the pool in the case of an emergency. We also monitor the number of visitors for chemistry and water level needs.

Each in-town guest is $5.00 per day. Your membership can only bring the same individual guest 5 visits per season. Your membership can have up to 4 guests per day. More guests require a party. Guest fees or passes are due on the day of visit.

Please ensure all the people on your membership older than 14 know, understand, and follow the sign in and guest procedure.


Please do not visit the pool if you are sick or know you have an illness. COVID and other summer bugs are still a concern. Help us maintain a safe and healthy atmosphere at the pool.


Consider donating to the pool or financial aid fund. By donating to the Timbercrest Pool, you enrich the community, increase our property value, help the volunteers, and beautify the neighborhood. Contact us if you are interested in donating for a specific cause. To learn more, visit: https://timbercrestneighborhood.org/donate