Turkey Trot

Timbercrest Turkey Trot, 2021 was awesome!

We had an awesome turn out for our second annual Timbercrest Turkey Trot. Thank you to all who came and contributed to the fun! The course was especially tough this year with a chilly temperature of around 37 degrees. We had three age groups for the competition. For the over-18 group, James Hicks took the repeat win from last year! In the U18 group, Henry Humble hooked the prize! Finally for the 10 and under group, Timothy Zinn had a very impressive showing and took the gold. The gathering and catching up was lots of fun as well!

Timbercrest Turkey Trot for 2021: Sat, Nov 20, 10am

Time to strut your stuff at the 2nd Annual Timbercrest Turkey Trot on Saturday the 20th. There will be two age groups: over-18 and under-18. Each age group will have a prize for the winner as well. Doughnuts, coffee, and water will be there again this year.

Meet at Timbercrest Park at 10am.

Anyone can run or walk as much as they’d like. But there will be a 1 or 2 lap option which is 1.6 miles And 3.2 miles. The 2 lap option will be the competition run for the trophy and prizes.

Timbercrest Turkey Trot Sat, Nov 21, 10am

REMINDER, volunteers needed for....

Timbercrest Turkey Trot

Next Saturday, the 21st

10 AM

At the Timbercrest Park

3 VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: 1- Person to serve the coffee with gloves so everyone is not touching the handles. 1- person to serve the donuts with gloves. 1- person to watch to see who is the winner of the competition race.

Please comment below if you can be one of these volunteers!

Remember to bring cash or a check for our neighborhood gift to Emerald Youth Foundation for your ticket of entry to the race.