Pool Newsletter, August 2021

Events Calendar

Check out upcoming events on the Timbercrest website calendar: https://timbercrestneighborhood.org/calendar

Date and Time Event
August 26 Timbercrest Book Club (at pool pavilion)
August 27 5:30-7:30pm - Goodwin’s food truck
8:20pm         - Movie night at the pool
September 11, 9-11am Park Cleanup
September 16, 7pm Fall Member Meeting
September 18 Last day of swimming
September 19, 9-11am Pool Closing
October 30 Timberfest: Annual Chili Cook-off

Dinner and a Movie

On Friday, August 27, Goodwin’s food truck will be at the park 5:30-7:30pm. Movie night at the pool will start around 8:20pm (dusk).

Park Cleanup

The next park cleanup will be Saturday, September 11, 9-11am. Park cleanup is every month on the 2nd Saturday. Thank you to all of those that helped out at the August cleanup. The Park looks great!

Fall Member Meeting

The Fall Member Meeting will be Thursday, September 16 at 7pm. The board will present several annual reports. Pool members are encouraged to attend. This is a great time to give feedback and help the board prepare for the 2022 season.

Closing Day

Pool closing is Sunday, September 19, 9-11am. So be sure to enjoy the last day of swimming on the Saturday before. The pavilion needs to be sealed, so the furniture will be put away a week after pool closing so that this can be completed. If you volunteered for pool closing, expect an email with tasks and other details.

Timberfest: Annual Chili Cook-off and Flags

Timberfest and the annual neighborhood Chili Cook-off will be Saturday, October 30. Residents and pool members are invited to participate in the Chili Cook-off and enjoy an evening with their neighbors at the park. Check the website and Facebook for details as the date gets closer. This event will allow for physical distancing around the park. We skipped last year, so Emily Trierweiler has had the trophy for two years now. Come unseat the champion and add your personal touch to the trophy!

Timbercrest Flags will be available for purchase at Timberfest. If you already ordered a flag, we will contact you around that date with your order. We are not taking new orders until the Chili Cook-off. All proceeds and donations go to the pool.

Timbercrest Flag size options and prices
Style Size Price
Handheld 5in x 8in $  4
Garden 18in x 12.5in $15
Garden with stand 18in x 12.5in $25
House 3ft x 5ft $25

flag of timbercrest

Flag of Timbercrest



Thank you for all the hours you have put into this pool. It is a great place to be because of the volunteers that sustain it from year to year.

Sponsor Memberships

As our pool continues to age, we are faced with various maintenance and beautification projects which are required to ensure that our pool continues to be safe and enjoyable. These projects are a significant expense. Consider becoming a sponsor member. To learn more, visit: https://timbercrestneighborhood.org/sponsor-member

By donating to the Timbercrest Pool, you enrich the community, increase our property value, help the volunteers, and beautify the neighborhood. This fall, a shed for chemical storage will be installed. Several umbrellas will need to be replaced before next season. More chaise lounges are needed for next season. The board plans on ordering several new vinyl chairs in the off season.

Food City gift cards

Even in the off season, guest passes can be earned by purchasing $100 worth of Food City gift cards from Greg Locke (865-684-3699). Gift cards are available in $25, $50, or $100 denominations. The pool earns $5 from each $100 worth of gift cards, which adds up quickly.


If you plan to join the pool again next season, please plan on keeping your current key. If you know that you will not join next year, contact us to return your key. The board will reach out to non-returning members next season to obtain unused keys.

TRC History Project

We would like to start a Timbercrest Pool history project. Please share your memories and photos of the pool and park throughout the years.We have started a list of past board members.  Let us know if you’ve been a board member. We are also looking for a volunteer to coordinate and edit these memories into a TRC history page. Post your memories on the website forum: https://timbercrestneighborhood.org/trc-history-project 


The pool board would like to know your opinion about the pool. One way to tell us what you think is to fill out the 2021 Timbercrest Pool Survey: 


Everyone is welcome to fill out the survey. We learn a lot, even from those who choose not to join the pool. Contact us for a paper survey.