Policy review, July 2022

Policy review, July 2022

The review of pool policies was popular last week. We have been reminded of other policies that deserve review. Detailed policies and by-laws can be found in the Timbercrest website forums (account required): https://timbercrestneighborhood.org/forums/recreation-club

No smoking or vaping 

Smoking and vaping are prohibited within the pool and park area.

No glass

Food and beverages are permitted. However, glass bottles and containers are not permitted on the pool premises.

No lifeguard on duty

There is no lifeguard on duty. You are responsible for your own children and personal safety.

Lock the gate

The gate must be locked at all times. This is enforced by the Health Inspector. Please ensure the gate latches behind you.

Respect equipment

Treat the facilities and equipment as if it were your own.


Members can hold parties at the Timbercrest pool. Pool parties may be requested and scheduled any day of the week. No more than one party per day will be scheduled. The table under the covered pavilion will be reserved for the party. The pool and all amenities will remain open to all members during scheduled private parties. Large parties for ten or more swimmers are $50.00 for a usage fee and $5.00 per swimmer or small parties of five to nine (5-9) guests for a $20 usage fee plus $5 per swimmer. Please note, parties are not private. Other pool members will be allowed access to the pool/amenities during scheduled party hours.