Timbercrest wins Knoxville Neighborhood Achievement Award

Our neighborhood won The City of Knoxville Neighborhood Achievement Award for our efforts as a Healthier Tennessee Neighborhood. The award was presented on May 18, 2019 by Mayor Madeline Rogero and was accepted by Kirk Anderson.

The award was presented by the Department of Neighborhoods for:

Timbercrest Neighborhood Association

Healthier Tennessee Community Program

Timbercrest was excited to join, as a pilot project, the Healthier Tennessee Community Program run by the Governors Foundation for Health and Wellness. In order to be deemed a Healthier Tennessee Community, a neighborhood or group must aim to increase activity, increase healthy food consumption, and educate people on smoking cessation programs. Timbercrest dove right in and worked HARD!

They planned fitness activities which included playing wiffleball, walking, and lap swimming at the Timbercrest pool with the goal to swim their way to Nashville by way of laps. 32 participants joined in. They also planned activities that would help neighbors eat healthier by sharing recipes monthly. To address smoking cessation, they made a Smoke Free Park Policy as well as published tips about quitting tobacco on their website.

In February 2019, they were honored as a Healthier Tennessee Community; Silver Level. They hope to continue working on the program again this year.

Download a PDF of the awards from the city website: Neighborhoods-Achievement-Awards.pdf

Thanks to all our neighbors that put in hard work for the Healthier Tennessee Neighborhood! This year we are continuing our healthy activities. Join the lap club at the pool or the wiffleball team. Try or submit our healthy recipes and Contact Us to submit one of your own!