Timbercrest Window Easter Egg Hunt March 28, 2020

The Easter Egg hunt is back on, but instead of being in the park, it will be an outdoor walk along that will take place all over Timbercrest starting at 10:00 am on March 28th.  The hidden eggs will ones that we post in our house windows so that they are visible from the street. We can walk along (or drive along) outside and find them without touching, coughing, or sneezing on each other. Kids can count how many they can find. 

 All you have to do is post an egg or few in your house windows, so that they are visible from the street by 10:00 am on March 28th. Print one, draw one, knit one, have your neighbor kids make one for you, whatever. Want to make us work for the find? Make the egg out of the same material as your curtains. Get creative.  Leave it up till Easter so that we can all have a chance to admire it. Don’t have windows that will serve? No problem, put your eggs on your mailbox, fence, or light post. 

See you from six feet away on March 28th.