Timbercrest Pool Newsletter, August 2020

Timbercrest pool 2020

The 2020 Fall Member Meeting will be at the pool on Saturday, September 12th, 11:00am (following the Park Cleanup). Please plan to attend to discuss how the 2020 pool season went and what should be expected for 2021. The meeting will also include officer elections. Daine, Becky, and Laura will be up for re-election. Mariza will be stepping away from the Treasurer position. Greg Locke has expressed interest in the Treasurer vacancy. If anyone else is interested in being a part of the Board or sub-committees, please contact Daine Wright to discuss.

The next park clean up will be September 12th, 9-11:00 am. Clean up days will continue through the fall and winter on the second Saturday of each month. The park is for residents of Timbercrest and pool members. Come help keep it looking great and encourage your neighbors to come along.

With fewer people swimming, in order to keep algae from setting in, the Board may need extra help with vacuuming at the pool. Anyone that would be interested in helping on occasion, please contact a board member. Another way to help keep algae at bay is to keep swimming!

Pool closing will take place at some time after September 12th. The exact date will be determined by how long swimmers keep coming and the amount of maintenance involved. Volunteers that expressed interest in assisting with pool closing will be contacted once an official closing date can be determined.

Thank you for being safe and courteous this pool season. The pool has been a wonderful place to get away for awhile.

Timberfest Update: The annual chili cook-off will be postponed until the Fall of 2021, but be on the lookout for unorganized movies at the basketball court.

The pool board would like to know your opinion about the pool. One way to tell us what you think is to fill out the Timbercrest Pool Survey for Fall 2020. Everyone is welcome to fill out the survey. We learn a lot, even from those who choose not to join the pool. https://forms.gle/s6zwmXhiv9n4UHjm7