Chocolate (Tofu) Pudding - February 2021

Valentines day is coming up and all thoughts go to chocolate!  As I'm trying to come up with more heart healthy recipes in the coming year....I tried this pudding that uses tofu, which is protein packed.  For someone who likes her dark chocolate, this was actually very good!  It's a firmer pudding, so a small amount is satisfying and stays well in the refrigerator for 4-5 days!

Chocolate (Tofu) Pudding

8-Can Chicken Soup & 7-up Biscuits - January 2021

It's January, a little chilly and all you want is an easy soup and biscuits that taste homemade!  These are both easy and outstanding recipes I've tried recently!  I did make some modificiations, as noted, with what I had on hand.  Happy cooking!

8 - CAN CHICKEN SOUP  (from 12Tomatoes)

Christmas Recipes - December 2020

It's Christmas Eve, the family is hungry!  Our family tries to keep it lite on Christmas Eve with more of an appetizer or tapas munching experience and always trying new things.  On our menu is, Dill Pickle Dip for Christmas Eve.  Christmas morning we like to make a breakfast casserole, Breakfast Relleno, that can be put together quickly and bake while we enjoy opening gifts!  Both recipes are below....Happy Holidays!