Timbercrest Pool Newsletter, Spring 2021

Dear neighbor

The pool plans to open Saturday May 29. With enough volunteer hours, we may open earlier.


The Timbercrest Recreation Club is a members-only neighborhood pool located in the Timbercrest neighborhood. Being a neighborhood pool, we pride ourselves in the community that we are building and want to invite you into that community. The Timbercrest pool features lap lanes, large steps (with a handrail), and a basketball hoop. We have a large kiddie pool as well as many tables with umbrellas and chairs. There is a volleyball net, gas and charcoal grills, and a fire pit. The facilities include restrooms, a large shelter for shade, and an ample parking lot. Lap swimming hours are daily before 10am. Join the lap swimming club! We allow large and small parties for a nominal fee. Guests are welcome with members.

Membership fees for 2021 remain the same as last year.

  • $275 for Timbercrest families

  • $300 for non-resident families

  • $150 for Timbercrest singles and grandparents

  • $175 for non-resident singles and grandparents

Applications available at the pool and online: https://timbercrestneighborhood.org/pool 

Online payments were popular last year. We will continue to offer the online payment portal.

Many of our neighbors encounter financial difficulties related to COVID-19. If you need help with fees, contact us to work out payment or financial aid options.

How you can help

Pool maintenance, painting, cleaning, and more is done by neighborhood volunteers, through the volunteer run Timbercrest Recreation Club. It takes a lot of work. Volunteer to help. Contact us to volunteer.

As our pool continues to age, we are faced with various maintenance and beautification projects. These projects are required to ensure that our pool continues to be a safe and enjoyable destination for friends and families to spend their summers. In prior years, we rebuilt and re-tiled the kiddie pool, painted the pool, installed a new pump, and corrected parking lot drainage. Last year the Timbercrest Recreation Club replaced the pool coping, which is the concrete edge of the pool.

Proceeds from sales of Food City gift cards go to the pool. They are available in $25, $50, or $100 denominations. A guest pass is earned for every $100 worth of gift cards. Contact Greg Locke at 865-684-3699

To address current and future maintenance needs and ensure that our pool continues to operate for years to come we are offering community sponsor memberships.Consider becoming a medallion sponsor of the pool. To donate, visit: https://timbercrestneighborhood.org/content/become-sponsor-member

Safety Measures

Last year was a record breaking year. We had 104 member families, a 40% increase over 2019. A large part of our success was due to members’ attention to safety measures. We were recognized with a Community Commitment certificate for following the Knox County/City of Knoxville Phased Reopening Plan. Read more: https://covid.knoxcountytn.gov

Help us have a safe and fun summer this year by continuing to follow any posted guidelines.

Timbercrest Park

Timbercrest park, adjacent to the pool, is available to all Timbercrest residents. Park maintenance work and funding comes from neighbors like you. Use the above pool links or contact us to volunteer and donate.

Contact us

Contact the Timbercrest Recreation Club:

Mailing list: https://timbercrestneighborhood.org/mailinglist  

Email: pool@timbercrestneighborhod.org   

Phone: (865) 297-3374‬  

Address: 5247 Lance Dr. Knoxville, TN 37909  

Website: https://timbercrestneighborhood.org/pool 

Facebook group: https://facebook.com/groups/799228270235450/  


Board meeting notes, policies, By-Laws, forum, and forms (registered users): https://timbercrestneighborhood.org/forums/recreation-club

Fill out the Spring 2021 Timbercrest Pool Survey: https://forms.gle/UF8BzuLJHMH8RjJL9 

Contact us for a paper survey.


Share this info. Download and print a flyer: https://timbercrestneighborhood.org/sites/default/files/newletter-spring-2021.pdf