Timbecrest Sign Project, 2021-2022

A huge thanks to all of you for the generous support of the Timbercrest sign project! We hope everyone enjoys the seasonal decoration and maintenance of the  entrance sign.

It is also time to request a donation of $20 per family which will be used to continue the maintenance, lighting, and seasonal decoration of the entrance signs. It has been two years since our last collection. The $20 donation will be for the 2021-2022 upkeep and maintenance. In addition, the year we painted the Timbercrest Sign and repaired the letters. We painted the Neighorhood Watch sign, adding "no soliciting" and the neighborhood web page.

Make checks payable to TIMBERCREST SIGN PROJECT. Please send your donation (or leave in the mailbox) to:

Kirk Anderson
1604 Timber Pass
Knoxville, TN 37909

Contact Kirk Anderson for more infomation.

Many thanks for your past and continued support of the Timbercrest Sign Project!