Opening day, 2021, is here!

Opening day is here!

Opening day will be by Saturday, May 22. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped get the pool ready. I want to especially thank Andrew Campbell and Chris Prachiel. Their energy and enthusiasm for maintaining the pool motivates all of us.

Spring member meeting

The Spring member meeting will be Thursday, June 3rd at the pool at 7pm. We will keep the business of the meeting to one hour with an open floor discussion following.

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Timbercrest Pool Newsletter, April 2021

Opening volunteers

Opening day will be by May 29. If we have enough volunteers, we might open May 22. That’s fast approaching!

Be expecting a call, text, or email this week if you volunteered for opening at the beginning of season. We will be organizing tasks to drain, paint, clean, and prepare the pool and pool area in the coming weeks. If you have a specific task you would like to volunteer for, reach out to us.

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Recipe of the Month, April 2021

Can't rave enough about this recipe that was from the Kroger magazine this past month.  Easy all-in-one skillet cooking!  I did make a few adjustments for our dinner, since I did not have asparagus or frozen stir-fry veggies in the freezer.  I had fresh broccoli, carrots and broke up the broccoli, diced the carrots and microwaved them in a bowl for 3 minutes...mushrooms just were added raw.  Can't image any substitue veggies would not be as awesome, or make per the recipe and enjoy.

Skillet Chicken Pasta Primavera (from the Kroger Magazine)